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Pinewood Derby

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Pinewood Derby

Pathfinders and parents are excited to participate in our Pinewood Derby each year. The Pleasant Hill Pathfinder Club hosts Pathfinder clubs west of I-80 and Sacramento hosts clubs east of I-80. Their is no charge for the pathfinder's first car kit and a $5 charge for each one after. Parents pay $5 per car kit. You can register your car on Saturday evening or Sunday morning for $5 You can enter more than one pinecar. Please see the flyer for more info.

Each participant hopes to create the fastest pinecar. The final matchup of the best from both Pleasant Hill's Pinewood Derby and Sacramento's Pinewood Derby takes place at the Conference Camporee usually in October.


  • Junior Girl Stock
  • Junior Boy Stock
  • Teen Girl Pro-stock
  • Teen Boy Pro-stock
  • Junior Pro-modified
  • Teen Pro-modified
  • Adult Pro-stock
  • Adult Pro-modified

2017 Pinecar Registration

2017 Pinewood Derby Flyer

2014 Results



What Parents Need to Know