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Volunteering with Children

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Volunteering with Children
Volunteers Definitions and Requirements
Approved by NCC for the Pleasant Hill SDA Church
Definition: Volunteers who assist with one-time events whose only interaction with the students is in the presence of an administrator or teacher
Requirements: Sign the Guidelines for Volunteers and Volunteer Ministry Information forms.
Fieldtrip Volunteers
Definition: Volunteers who accompany students while on off-site or overnight trips
  • Sign the Guidelines for Volunteers and Volunteer Ministry Information forms.
  • Background check done. (If driving, must include DMV record)
Extended Volunteers
Definition: Volunteers who have frequent or prolonged contact with children (e.g. leaders or parents who assist with the child on a regular basis)
  • Sign the Guidelines for Volunteers and Volunteer Ministry Information forms.
  • Background check done. (If driving, must include DMV record that meets the minimum requirements

General Guidelines
Volunteers must be encouraged to respect the confidential nature of anything they see or hear.
Because our children are the priority, the right to be a volunteer can be rescinded at any time due to behavior that is in conflict with the separate Guidelines for Volunteers form.


Shield the Vulnerable Background Check
Information you will need:

Organization: Seventh-day Adventist
Union: Pacific
Conference: Northern California Conference
Church: Pleasant Hill SDA Church

Volunteer Forms
Volunteer Ministry Information Form
Volunteer Guidelines Form
Driving Information
Whether they are employees or volunteers, carefully selecting your drivers for your church or school sponsored activity is a critical part of your safety planning. 

The following driver selection criteria shall apply to all volunteers and employees of NCC churches, schools or other institutions driving on official business or on a sponsored activity, whether the driver will be operating an NCC vehicle, a rented or borrowed vehicle or their own personal vehicle: 

1. Drivers of vehicles will be appropriately licensed for the type of vehicle assigned. 

2. Drivers must be at least 21 years of age

3. All drivers will have an acceptable driving record. To request verification of a driver's record, fax or mail the completed Background Check Authorization form to the NCC Risk Management Department, make sure to check the box next to Volunteer Driver. Most requests are completed within one-business day. An acceptable driving record means that, during the previous three years the driver has had no more than two moving traffic citationsand no at-fault accidents while driving any vehicle and has had no moving violations classified as misdemeanors or greater for as long as said violation is reportable on their DMV record.

4. All drivers shall submit proof of insurance to the church for any privately-owned vehicle being used showing at least the California required minimum coverage (15/30/5) although drivers are strongly encouraged to carry at least the Conference recommended minimum coverage of 250/500/50 with $5,000 medical coverage and under/uninsured motorist coverage.