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 February 24, 2018

  Opening Song - Art & Kirsten West
Welcome - Lawrence Jayme
Songs of Praise - Art & Kirsten West
Hymn of Praise • God of Grace and God of Glory #607
Children's Story - Brad White
Offering • Local Conference Advance - Lawrence Jayme
Offertory - Art West
Congregational Prayer - Gertie Warnick
Scripture •  Exodus 20:8 - Alexis Im
Sermon • "The Rest of Your Life - Part 4 'Rest' " - Miguel Verazas
Hymn of Response • Don't Forget the Sabbath #388
Blessing - Miguel Verazas
Sermon Teaser for Next Sabbath

Next Sabbath, we complete our series entitled the rest of our lives. We will talk about the ways to prepare for Sabbath rest. Preparation is something that is intentional and will help to make the Sabbath the delighted blessing it was intended to be for all of us.

Upcoming Speakers

March 3 - Mitch Williams
March 10 - Mitch Williams
Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. Exodus 20:8