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Women's Ministry

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Women's Ministry
Mission Statement:
Providing women a place to draw closer to God through mentoring, ministering, and fellowship.

  • Create opportunities where women can build intentional relationships by widening their circle of friendships within the church family and with women in the community.
  • Provide support for each other and minister to women in different facets of their lives.
  • Establish a place of peace for women to retreat to from their busy lives and have quiet time with God or engage in fellowship with other women.
  • Provide opportunities for women to use their gifts to help other women to Jesus Christ.
Women's Ministry welcomes your support to help this ministry continue to move forward and fulfill its goals.  You can help in the following ways:
  • Monetary Donations - Donations can be made to the church with a note designating them for Women's Ministry.
  • Participation - Volunteer your time to help with Women's Ministry activities.